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A Writer’s Guide to Understanding English Grammar

Firstly, you can’t understand English grammar. Like all languages, English is constantly evolving. Many hundreds of years from now, English as we know it will have changed beyond recognition. That being said, you probably came here to learn the standard … Continue reading

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Tips on Writing an Invented Culture

What is culture? Those of us in the anthropological community may define culture as a common set of practices, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles within a group of people that is passed on through generations. Many writers, especially fantasy writers, will take … Continue reading

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Writing BDSM (For People Who Aren’t in the Community)

If you aren’t into BDSM, chances are your best understanding of it comes from 50 Shades of Grey. The only thing 50 Shades exemplifies is how NOT to write BDSM. So strap in (pun intended) because I’m going to lay out how to … Continue reading

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When You Need to Revise Heavily

There are very few writers (arguably none) who can write a perfect first draft. Some of us revise just a little. And some of us revise so much we end up with a story completely different from the original. Wherever … Continue reading

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To Plan or Not to Plan?

I spend about 90% of my time with writers. It’s due mostly to the fact that writers seem to naturally gravitate toward each other. (Creativity, frustration, and tears–what writers are made of–develop bonds faster than anything else I know.) Interestingly … Continue reading

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T.K.’s Angry Guide to Writing Essays (a.k.a. How to Bullshit Essays)

For some people, writing essays is tantamount to pulling teeth or willingly putting your hand in the garbage disposal while a toddler fiddles with kitchen switches. This guide is for those of you who struggle with writing essays or have … Continue reading

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