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A Writer’s Guide to Understanding English Grammar

Firstly, you can’t understand English grammar. Like all languages, English is constantly evolving. Many hundreds of years from now, English as we know it will have changed beyond recognition. That being said, you probably came here to learn the standard … Continue reading

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Tips on Writing an Invented Culture

What is culture? Those of us in the anthropological community may define culture as a common set of practices, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles within a group of people that is passed on through generations. Many writers, especially fantasy writers, will take … Continue reading

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Writing BDSM (For People Who Aren’t in the Community)

If you aren’t into BDSM, chances are your best understanding of it comes from 50 Shades of Grey. The only thing 50 Shades exemplifies is how NOT to write BDSM. So strap in (pun intended) because I’m going to lay out how to … Continue reading

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Tips on Worldbuilding

For those who are inclined toward the fantastic and utterly absurd, writing has extra challenges. Fantasy requires worldbuilding to a level that many people don’t care to try–more so for those of us who write high fantasy. Not only do we … Continue reading

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Giving and Taking Criticism

Criticism is a vital part of any writer’s career. We depend on editors and friends and strangers to give us feedback on our writing, so that we may improve and develop our craft. But every once in a while we’ll get … Continue reading

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Angry Writing Advice: Inspiration, Motivation, Pep, Whatever the Hell You Want to Call It

The only way to get better at writing is to practice, so WHY ARE YOU SITTING ON YOUR ASS READING THIS?! Just kidding. You’re reading this because you don’t have the answer to that question, so here’s an angry, step-by-step … Continue reading

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My 10 Writing Steps

Write something. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just get at least a word on the page. Finish it all the way through, and don’t worry about the quality. First drafts are always shit. Leave it alone for at least a … Continue reading

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