T.K. is an ardent aro(mantic),* freelance editor, and a writer of mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, and queer/speculative fiction. When she’s not writing or editing, she discusses feminism, queer issues, and other social justice topics.

Her mother is four shades of white, and her father is full-blooded Vietnamese. As a result, she is often mistaken for being every race other than her own. Her family is largely comprised of scientists, and she has broken the chain by aspiring to be a novelist. However, she is currently majoring in biological anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. So she’s a science-y writer.

She has a women’s fiction short story called “Broken Creations” published in an anthology, Piercing the Unknown: Short Stories and Excerpts in the Special World.

If you would like to use T.K.’s editing services, please contact her at tkhuynh(.)tdi(@)gmail(.)com to discuss rates or if you would like an estimate. She provides discounts to students with proof of enrollment. Please note that she does not edit middle grade, but she does accept all other categories of fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic papers.

Editing rates:

Proofreading – $15/hour

Developmental – $20/hour

Line – $20/hour

Copy – $20/hour

Follow her on Twitter @T_K_Huynh.

Like her page on Facebook: [T.K. Huynh].

Follow her on Tumblr: The Ardent Aro.


*See this post for more on aromanticism.

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  1. You’re off to an amazing start with a lifetime of creating ahead of you 🙂

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