Bizarre Prompts No One Should Use

1. Time has a mind of its own.

Character A builds a time machine. Character B has given said time machine a sense of humor. So when A tries to use the time machine, the machine only pretends to transport them to another time, and B pretends to be a member of said time, so as not to tip A off.

2.Mosquitoes are liars.

Character A is an intelligent mosquito capable of speech. Character B is a boring human. A has taken up the habit of whispering relatively believable lies in B’s ear at odd times.

3. Shooting stars are tired of your shit.

Character A makes a wish upon a shooting star only to hear it yell back that they should lower their expectations. Character B may or may not be the disembodied voice yelling.

About T.K.

I'm an LGBT writer, biological anthropology student, and an ardent aro(mantic).* *One who does not feel romantic attraction.
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