Angry Writing Advice: Inspiration, Motivation, Pep, Whatever the Hell You Want to Call It

The only way to get better at writing is to practice, so WHY ARE YOU SITTING ON YOUR ASS READING THIS?!

Just kidding. You’re reading this because you don’t have the answer to that question, so here’s an angry, step-by-step guide on how to get inspiration, motivation, pep, whatever the hell you want to call it.

Step 1: Take a goddamn break

I know this one seems counterintuitive, but let’s face it. Your eyeballs are bleeding staring at that goddamn blank page, and it’s because your tired ass is crying through the eye strain. So take a break. Put the computer away. Put the notebook down. Go take a goddamn nap. Do something else.

Step 2: Read shit

Also seems counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to get your writing mojo back is to read other people’s shit. And I don’t mean unedited crap that came from the bowels of fanfiction erotica. I mean, pull out the well-written books with almost poetic prose–the books that make you have to really look at the words and flow and diction. Classics are good, but it’s always best to read in the same genre as whatever shit you’re writing.

Step 3: Interview your shitty character

After you’re done with steps 1 and 2, sit the hell down and write out a couple of questions to ask your shitty character. If you can’t think of any, have a friend make some of their own shitty questions or pull some from online, then write a scene where you interview your own character. If you want, you can take an extra step and interview multiple shitty characters.

Step 4: Write a fucking scene

I know you just wrote an interview scene, but chances are you can’t actually put that shit in your story. So sit the hell down again and write another scene. Any scene. Whatever shit your brain comes up with, write that. Even if it’s a shitty idea for a scene, just write it. If you’re really drawing a blank, choose from scene prompts online and write that shit.

Step 5: Keep writing shit

Sometimes all you need is to get things flowing, and then the inspiration/ motivation/ pep/ whatever the hell you want to call it just comes naturally. If this step isn’t coming to you quite yet, repeat steps 1-4 until it does. Add music to it, if you want. Or watch cat videos. Cat videos can work.

About T.K.

I'm an LGBT writer, biological anthropology student, and an ardent aro(mantic).* *One who does not feel romantic attraction.
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