Say No More

InMon inspired. Sorry I haven’t done these in a while. I’ve been querying and researching agents for my novel. I’m actually working with a publisher directly now because my friend knows an editor in the publishing house. Still don’t know if they’ll take me on, but fingers crossed.

“I’m on tonight! You know my hips don’t lie, and I’m starting to feel it’s right!”

I stared at her a long moment as she sang Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” with uninhibited enthusiasm. Her hips swung back and forth in rhythm. Waves of thick, black hair tossed about her as she moved. A wide smile spread her red lips.

When her green eyes caught mine, she outstretched her hand. “C’mon,” she urged. I shook my head, and she thrust her hand at me again. When I didn’t take the offer, she grabbed my wrist and jerked me into motion. I gave into her insistence and started dancing with her. We spun around each other in the middle of the kitchen, dancing in sync with the upbeat music. Her hips moved with mine, hands intertwined, moves almost combined, until we were face to face, sharing the air we panted.

How long had it been since we’d shared any kind of intimacy? I’d almost forgotten her lavender perfume, the smoothness of her fair skin, the gold flecks of her eyes. “Fifteen years is too long,” I murmured.

She cupped my cheek, and the slightest of smiles took her lips before she stood on her toes and kissed me. We didn’t say anything more.

About T.K.

I'm an LGBT writer, biological anthropology student, and an ardent aro(mantic).* *One who does not feel romantic attraction.
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4 Responses to Say No More

  1. Stephanie says:

    Quite a vivid account of an old flame rekindled. Nicely done. Welcome back – it feels like it’s been years!

    And hey, best of luck with the novel!

  2. KP says:

    oo! Hot! Well written, good imagery.

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