Pocket Watch

InMon inspired!

Sorry, I’ve been away so long. I’ve been writing a series, and it kind of took over my life. Query letters to go out as soon as I’ve finished polishing the first book!

If Time were a person, I imagine she’d be a beautiful woman. The kind of beautiful that could start and stop a heart. Her hair would fall in long, glorious waves of silken darkness while her eyes would shine with all the brilliance of a supernova. With one word spoken upon her perishable, vital breath, she could raze an entire nation or raise a great empire.

Her children are Life and Death who fight constantly in their sibling rivalry, trying to prove to their beautiful, powerful mother that they, too, can be beautiful and powerful. Sometimes Death wins, for Life tires under the pressure of her mother. Sometimes Life wins, for Death is but an instant in his victory before his mother reprimands him.

Life is beautiful like her mother, but she does not have the power to control Death. She struggles to be in her mother’s favor for very long until Death appeases Time. Sometimes Life agitates her brother and brings Death upon herself. But like her mother, Life endures.

Death is not beautiful like his sister and mother, but he does have power to control Life. He knows all he has to do is wait until Life falls out of their mother’s favor. Death does not agitate his sister, for he knows that without her, he cannot exist. But like his mother, Death endures.

Time ends where her son begins and begins where her daughter ends, an endless cycle of Life and Death. If I could have Time, I could control Life and Death.

Or perhaps, I should just get a pocket watch.

About T.K.

I'm an LGBT writer, biological anthropology student, and an ardent aro(mantic).* *One who does not feel romantic attraction.
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4 Responses to Pocket Watch

  1. Carrie says:

    Very intriguing piece. I really enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Mind bending and thought-provoking. Well done. Good to have you back!

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  4. oscarjamieson says:

    Wonderful piece, you did a great job personifying conceptions like that. Good read!

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