Inspired by InMon. I’ve been sketching more than I have been writing, and strangely–though unsurprisingly–my hands are suffering more than ever. Carpal tunnel is looking to being an issue…

It was her eyes. A blaze of blue fire flared just behind those irises. It burned a way no fire could, rippling across my skin in a heat so powerful and all-encompassing that it left me lax and tense simultaneously. My breath came slowly as her figure, so smooth and soft yet strong and solid, loomed over me.

The feel of lips. A brush of skin. Such painfully pleasant heat. Her breath lingered on my neck. The aroma of her subtle perfume mixed with the warm air. My fingers caught the dark waves that fell over her shoulder and pushed the thick strands back to see her face. Her eyes of fire looked into mine, stopping my hand against her cheek.

She whispered a sweet melody of words, and I answered. Murmur secrets sweet, and none bitter as the knowledge of parting seeming so distant in the future.  Nothing but hushed lulls and words of nectar. If only to speak her name once again, and hear the answer. Just for the night, the room was soundproof. No city symphonies. No cars passing. No sirens in the distance.

Just the unbearable crackle of blue flames.

About T.K.

I'm an LGBT writer, biological anthropology student, and an ardent aro(mantic).* *One who does not feel romantic attraction.
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4 Responses to Soundproof

  1. Wow. Tasteful and beautiful. love that last line.

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  3. elmowrites says:

    Unless I am much mistaken, this is one of the most romantic pieces of erotica I’ve ever read! You enbue us with all the delights of this moment, and I love some of the oxymorons in particular, and you keep the piece from ever being filthy.
    I love how you tied it in to the title (I guess that’s the prompt too) – great writing.
    Makes my inmon contribution look tawdry by comparison, but in case you want to compare, it’s here:

    • T.K. says:

      Thank you so much. One of the things that’s always bothered me about vanity erotica is the gritty filthiness of it. It’s also romance. Sex is one of the most intimate acts we can experience. Pleasure, pain, freedom, respect, love. That’s the chemistry it should portray. It’s the romance of it.
      And your writing is great. It’s really easy to relate to, and it feels very real. Confrontational almost. Really good.

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